About Online Course

ICHD offers a special online course titled "How Children Learn?" which is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. There are a few institutions like IED-BRACU, ICMH, and TDI, which offer face-to-face courses on early childhood development. But for the first time ever, ICHD is introducing a flexible online course on early childhood development suitable for the distant learners who can give a little effort to do the course from convenient place and suitable time. A computer/laptop and a good internet connection will be good enough to take the course.

The online course on "How Children Learn?" is suitable for any interested person, especially for frontline and mid-level staffs of Government and Non-Government organizations, university degree holders, program managers, planners & trainers, curriculum & material developers, researchers & evaluation Specialists.

ICHD designed this online course considering the need of the distant learners. It is basically an online version of a five-day face-to-face short course offered by ICHD. It is deigned in a way that a distant learner will never feel isolated and will remain in touch with the course coordinators (facilitators). The learners will experience lecture video, observation video, Online Skype Group Discussion, Article Reading and Online Reflection Session (Chatting). The learners will be able to download power points, handouts and assignment questionnaires of each individual lesson. During the course, the learners will have online interactions with renowned ECD experts, ECD graduates, practitioners. Each learner will be evaluated throughout the course and certificates will be awarded after the successful completion of the course.

The content of the course is spread into a three-month (12 weeks) timeline which the learner will find very easy going. Each week will have a different lesson that the learners have to complete step by step following a clear guideline given in each lesson. The learners will get the detail schedule at the beginning of the course which will help them make individual time plan to take part in the course very smoothly.

Red Reverse College, Canada has contributed to our online course in terms of sharing some observational videos and some articles which have been used in this online course.



Group Online Discussion

The students of the ICHD Online course will have a taste of face to face class by participating in Online Group Discussion with the session coordinators who will facilitate the discussions. The online group discussion will be done through Skype once in a week according to the schedule. Here, the students connected with the lesson coordinator will discuss issues related to the lesson topics of the week.

Online Reflection Session (Chatting)

The students of the ICHD Online course will have an opportunity to reflect on issues relevant to certain lessons through chatting. In the specific lesson, a chatting box will appear where the students will write and send their questions and opinions. These will reach the respective lesson coordinator who will reply back the students.

Online Consultation with ECD Experts

The students of the ICHD Online course will have a great chance of having an online consultation session with renowned national and international ECD experts. Connected through Skype at the last week of the course, the students can talk with some renowned ECD experts and exchange opinions related to the course.



Our Resource Persons

Dr. Manzoor Ahmed

Founder Member and Chairperson of the Board of Management of ICHD

Dr. Manzoor Ahmed is Professor Emeritus at BRAC University and Chairperson of Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN). He was the founding director of Institute of Educational Development(IED) at BRAC University.

Dr. Cassie Landers

Member of the International Advisory Board of ICHD

Cassie Landers holds a Doctorate in Education, as well as a Master’s in Public Health, both from HarvardUniversity. Since 1985, Landers has worked with UNICEF and other international agencies to promote policies and programs in support of young children and their families.


Dr. Faith Lamb-Parker

Member of the International Advisory Board of ICHD

Faith Lamb-Parker is a Senior Research Scientist at Bank Street College of Education. She directs the National Center on Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness, one of six centers that develop materials and professional development trainings

Ms. Janet Jamieson

Member of the International Advisory Board of ICHD

Janet Jamieson is the Chair of Community Services at Red River College in Winnipeg, Canada where she manages programs in Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Care, Disability and Community Support as well a variety of



Welcome Speech

Remarks on Course Content (by the students of face-to-face course)


It was a useful and excellent activity based short course which gives a strong foundation about children learning process

Shakina Khanam
Management Professional Staff (MPS), BRAC

It (How Children Learn) was a major achievement in my life. I am applying my knowledge and skills of this course in my service. This course has enriched me. I am also benefited in my personal life on learning of this course. I think everyone should receive this training. I am thankful to ICHD.

Omar Faruq
District Team Leader, READ project, Jagorani Chakra Foundation

This course is very helpful for ECD practitioner in implementing ECD program in field level. I am so lucky that I could participate in this course.

Giash Uddin
Field Officer, ECCD, Save the Children