Dr. M. Tariq Ahsan

Associate Professor, Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka.

Dr. M. Tariq Ahsan is working with the Institute of Education and Research (IER) at the University of Dhaka as Associate Professor. He completed his Bachelor (Hons.) and Masters Degree in Education from the IER, Dhaka University. Then as an ADS scholar of the Australian Government, he achieved another Masters degree on Special Education from the Flinders University, Australia in 2004-05. In 2008, Tariq achieved Australian Government's prestigious Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) for doing his Ph.D at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and submitted his dissertation on teacher preparedness for inclusive education. His specialization areas are Inclusive education, Special Education, Hearing impairments, Alternative Communication and Teacher preparation. Tariq conducted a number of research studies on disability, education, special education and inclusive education issues and published more than 50 papers in the form of national and international journal articles, books, conference proceedings, periodicals and reports. He was also involved in Sign Supported Bangla Language Development process in Bangladesh and worked with UNESCO-Bangkok for developing Teachers' Training Toolkit for inclusive education in the Asia Pacific Region. Tariq is involved with the Government of Bangladesh through Plan International Bangladesh initiatives for developing Model Inclusive Schools in primary schools of Bangladesh. Besides, Tariq was also involved in an International project on "Inclusive Education in Asian Countries? at Monash University in Australia as a member of the organizing committee. Tariq is the founding editor of an international journal titled Asian Journal of Inclusive Education (AJIE). As the recognition of his contributions to the area of education, Tariq achieved the Australian Alumni Excellence Awards 2014 from the Australian Government.