Ms. Shamima Yasmin

Gender & ECD Specialist

Ms. Shamima Yasmin has 15 Years of experience in development sector in the field of planning, management, developing strategies and policy research, partnership management, Advocacy and campaign, develop curriculum and modulesmaterials development, Training/workshop organize and facilitation, Social Research etc. with both Govt., NGOs & INGOs.

Ms. Shamima is experienced in developing curriculum and teacher guide and Parents Counseling Module on ECD; training facilitation on ECD; designing academic course on ECD and coordinating and managing academic courses; conducting classes and documentation; conducting social research on early childhood education and care; designing learning center, pre-school curriculum and assessment guidelines for the preschoolers; analyzing and evaluating programs from gender perspective, developing and reviewing gender policy, strategies on gender and governance issues, policy briefs to support organisation's campaign; organizing and facilitating workshop/training on Gender and Development; maintaining liaison and networking with different partners, donors and GO, NGOs; building capacity on different issues on Education, Environment and Climate change on gender perspective, Livelihood, Health and Nutrition and ECD; organizing and facilitating training/workshop/orientation on Child Rights, Adolescent Reproductive Health Rights, Child Leadership, Children and women Repression, HIV/AIDS etc.